The inforior design of an unknown "competitor" uses what appears to be
cold rolled steel and carbon steel plugs
which is made with a smaller diameter
plug with different threads and hole sizes. Lack of radiuses over the piston will cause stress risers and future cracks to form, eventually, this part will fail. We would not expect this part to save the rifle if the rifle
were shot accidently with live ammo while
the barrell plug were still installed.
Above is the Shooter's Kit piston, below is
an inferior immitation. These are sold on
eBay, save your money for our design.
The plug on the left is weaker than our
plug on the right. Their plug will rust,
ours won't because it is stainless steel.
This example doesn't even fit inside the the cylinder unless you force it. Edges are rough, not deburred or radiused. Carbon trap is not cut deep enough and again there are no radiuses cut.

Here you can see an example of how much force our product is capable of withstanding.