Here you see the results of firing a live round through a barrel that still has the gas plug installed. One should never shoot blank ammo on the same day that you shoot live ammo, or store blanks with live ammo. Always second guess yourself by checking the barrel before pulling the trigger. Gas plugs for the barrel should only be installed just before firing blanks. Your rifle should always be kept ready to fire live ammo. This event proved the safety of the Shooter's Kit piston. The piston controlled the extreme gas pressures and no damage was found to other parts of the rifle. The shooter was uninjured from this event.
The gas plug was internally threaded. The barrel tip was blown off at the threads while shearing the sight base down the underside almost in half.
The sight base almost became a projectile itself.
During these extreme gas pressures, the Shooter's Kit piston controlled the gas used for operation and probably saved the shooters life.
The barrel length was reduced to 500mm and a new sight base was installed using original parts.
The barrel was recrowned and threaded for a gas plug to enable the shooter to once again fire blanks.

The Shooter's Kit piston safely keeps operating pressures constant to preserve the life of your rifle. This unfortunate accident proves the quality and safety of our design. Not one crack or blemish was found on the bolt or bolt carrier. Once again, this demonstrates that your treasured historical rifle can be professionally repaired in our shop. This rifle is once again ready for the range.

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