Waffenfabrik Walther, Zella-Mehlis; K.43 ac 45 WaA 359 d block. Another Veteran Bring Back all matching rifle.
Duffel cut stock and very rough wood work, with little or no finish sanding, they were definately in a hurry to get this one in service at the Front.
It has an early bolt carrier with the take down latch, unusual, but common in the d block. Lots of heavy phosphate finish and a good mix of bluing too.
They still took time to WaAC10 stamp the stock and the handguard. This is only seen on very early and very late Walther rifles.
It is also WaA359 proofed at the wrist.This rifle came with a complete spare parts kit, except for the manual. The hardware on this rifle is mint.
Commonly called the "dual lug" rifle. Made in early 1945. I doubt it was even issued and most probably picked up at the factory or a transport supply column somewhere.