Waffenfabrik Walther, Zella-Mehlis; K.43 ac 44 WaA 359 m block. Made in late 1944. It shows a good mix of phosphated and blued parts. It has the issued automatic sliding dust cover that has had the field repair done to it. This consisted of cutting off the front tab to keep it from jamming the bolt cover during cycling.
This weapon was acquired without any wood. A number of them are found that way. I recently talked with a guy who's Grandfather brought back two rifles this way. The actions are still uncleaned and have 60 years of dust on them still today.
The Vet stated that the stocks were cheap and made of plywood! So he trashed them at the factory with full intent of having custom stocks made.
After returning home, he put them away where they sat for another 60 years till his Grandson found them. Approx. 170.000 ac44 made in WW II.