Waffenfabrik Walther, Zella-Mehlis; K.43 ac 45 WaA 359 c block. Made in early 1945. This particular weapon has a stainless gas piston and late war bolt cover.
This is unique because of the panel milled receiver where the model is stamped. Again, the bolt group is matching, but not to the rifle, further emphasizing the importance of matched assemblies.
It also has the rotated extractor earmarked for the dual lug guide weapons. The entire weapon was parkerized by the Veteran who had it. It now resides in a new made laminated stock. This weapon has shot a 1 1/2 group of 10 rounds at 100 yards! With iron sights and mil-surplus ammo no less.
The most accurate of all of my weapons, it has the thicker barrel (taper instead of stepped) right to the muzzle. I used this with my Shooter's kit installed at Bulletfest III with devastating accuracy. I ran about 250 rounds through it alone that day. Approx. 45.000 ac45 made in WW II.