Berlin Leubecker Machinenfabrik (BLM): K.43 qve45 WaA 214 no letter block. Made in early 1945. Unique, because this is my reenacting rifle. I rescued it from certain disaster of being parted out on the auction block!
Durofol handguard that was literally crushed and rebuilt with epoxy and Bakelite. Stock was repaired with the end of a 98k butt, so there is no longer a cavity for spare parts.
It is possible to repair just about anything and this is living proof. It now stalks the woods again and is a reliable shooter. Approx. 74.000 qve45 made in WW II.
You can see the transformation from my Restoration Work page. It was hacked beyond belief! It now has a shortened 500 mm barrel with threaded muzzle and proper front sight base.