Berlin Leubecker Machinenfabrik (BLM): G.43 duv44 WaA 214 k block. Made in late 1944. This is the stereo typical G.43 and probably the most commonly encountered along with ac44 weapons.
This weapon still has an almost complete parts kit in the buttstock. It has genuine rub marks on the scope rail from installing and removing a scope mount, and possibly, the only real sniper rifle in my collection.
The Vet I got this from lost the scope and mount years ago. It was left standing in his closet for many years, when I received it, all flat spots were covered with a layer of dust turned mud from the oil he had coated the rifle with.
To his credit, being a soldier first, he cleaned
and oiled it well after he fired it last.
Approx. 120.000 duv44 made in WW II.