Berlin Leubecker Machinenfabrik (BLM): K.43 qve45 WaA 214 no letter block. Made in early 1945, BLM had the highest percentage of "paid" workers and their weapons are the best made and most reliable.
This weapon has a Durofol 1 handguard (thought to be Bakelite, but actually wood impregnated resin, pressure formed in dies), the early G.41 style milled bolt housing and internal automatic dust cover, all exclusive to the no letter block.
I consider this to be the jewel of my collection, as Claus would say, (if you own one of these) "You are a lucky dog". The Veteran who gave this up did so at his wife's nagging. There were too many Grandkids in the house and he was forced to leave the rifle at an Army Surplus store in California.
The owner gave him $20.00 for this and a No. 4 Mk. I Enfield. I acquired this through the store owner. Undoubtedly BLM made the finest weapons. Approx. 74.000 qve45 made in WW II.