Gustloff-Werk II, Buchenwald; G.43 bcd WaA 749 b block. Made in mid 1944 by slave labor at Buchenwald, before the British bombing raid destroyed the camp. These are the rarest of all of the makers.
Typical early finish, but quality of manufacturing is not there. Rough machine lines on mating surfaces is common on this rifle. These weapons had a high fail rate due to sabotage by inmate/workers.
Everything from improper heat treat to mis-drilled gas ports contributed to very un-reliable service.Most unique is the absence of the scope rail, being removed prior to entering service. Most probably it was machined off center (purposely?) so a scope could not be aligned, thus failing the "sniper" test, so the factory removes them. This is common on ac guns around the h block.
This weapon has the threaded muzzle and early automatic sliding dust cover. This rifle is also featured on the Restoration Work page where the receiver was hammered almost beyond repair. Today she sits,
fully restored, never to be fired again.
Approx. 40.000 bcd made in WW II.