This rifle sat in a basement where moisture was able to eat away at the surface of the metal. During the many years, no oil or lubricant of any kind was applied. The stock dried out completely, becoming gray in appearance. The rust permeated the entire rifle causing pitting on most every surface. This challenge required bead blasting, and refinishing of the stock while preserving original Waffenampts to create a rifle that appears newly issued. The owner of this rifle is extremely pleased with our results.
Surface pitting, heavy and light, throughout.
The pitting appears no different from the original finish because of the crude finish work during wartime stress.
A complete disassembly will be required
to get every part clean
How many more of these valuable rifles
remain hidden in this kind of condition?
There aren't many other kinds of rifles which would still be worth restoring with rust this bad.
At least this sight base wasn't cut off!
Heavy rust is eating away at the barrel over time. The original surface looked pitted to begin with.
The rust appears painted on. Bristle brushes
can't remove this kind of corrosion.
This rifle still has all original parts and screws and still retains much of it's value despite the neglect.
Much of the pitting is not very noticeable since the original finish was crude to begin with. The real challenge was the stock. Restoring the wood without sanding or ruining the Waffenampts was a difficult accomplishment. Below you can see how clear and sharp the WaA's still are.
Now the rifle appears as-issued once more.
Did it ever look this good? Maybe not.
The original color of the wood was brought out.
Oiling of the stock prevents future cracks due to dyness. The wood becomes stronger.
Trigger components once again function.
All the heavy corrosion was successfully removed.
The action once again moves smoothly.
Luckily the Durofol handguard was not cracked.
This rifle now appears as a very desirable piece of history in WWII rifle development.
The buttplate was left in the white as it should be.
The butt stock has a great display of laminate color and wood grain that collectors look for.
The barrel freed from heavy corrosion has the most visible pitting, only a trained eye will notice.
The all important stock serial numbers are still sharp and visible, they add value to this rifle.
This buttstock WaA was preserved and cleaned using a process that deep cleans the wood without destroying the important collector stamps and markings.
The Waffenampts are well defined now,
but were difficult to see before.

Complete restorations are our specialty. We take pride in preserving the historical aspect of gun collecting. Would you like your stock to look this clean? Does your rifle need re-bluing? If so, you can see that we will not only remove the corrosion but we will restore and preserve both the historical and collector value.

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